1967 Tat Lee Corporation was founded
1970 Commenced supply of gaskets to major oil refinery
1973 Tat Lee Corporation was changed to Tat Lee Engineering Pte Ltd
1973 Awarded distribution rights from Dow Corning
1978 Commenced supply of Dow Corning products to aerospace industry
1982 Relocation to 17 Link Road
1983 Started manufacturing double jacketed gaskets under Flexitallic license
1983 Commenced supply of manufactured Double Jacketed gaskets to major oil refinery
1984 Authorised to repack Dow Corning products
1987 Expanded office space by acquiring 19 Link Road
1989 Awarded the rights to manufacture small dimension spiral wound gaskets under Flexitallic license
1992 Commenced manufacturing large SWG under Flexitallic license
1992 Commenced supply of non-asbestos gaskets to major oil refineries
1995 TL-Flex (M) Sdn Bhd was incorporated
1997 Relocation to 10 Chia Ping Road
1997 Awarded ISO 9002:1994
1999 Expanded with a semi-automated production line for standard spiral wound for ½" to 8"
2002 Began manufacturing in-house brand 'Proseel'
2003 Begin manufacturing as an OEM
2003 Awarded ISO 9001:2000
2005 Gasket standardization program fro Major Oil Refinery
2006 Tat Lee (Thailand) Ltd was incorporated
2009 Awarded ISO 9001:2008
2011 5 years Contract for Valve Repacking Services for Major Oil Refinery
2011 Awarded BizSAFE Level 1 & BizSAFE Lavel 2
2012 Awarded gasket supply contract for project in Taiwan
2013 Awarded API Spec Q1, Spec 6A, ISO/TS 29001, ISO 9001:2008
2014 Obtained Allied Distributor of Flexitallic
2015 Awarded OHSAS 18001