Novaflon® is the family name of Frenzelit’s product range based on modified and multi-directional expanded PTFe materials. Its improved performance compared to conventional PTFE and its superior chemical resistance completes our range of products.

The Novaflon® product family members have received multiple approvals and meet or exceed the strictest European fugitive emissions standards. They are predestined for use in the chemical industry, the food and beverage industry as well as in the pharmaceutical business sector.

At a glance, the benefits of Novaflon® are that the family combines decisive advantages over conventionally manufacture PTFE:

Excellent media resistance to most lyes and acids throughout the pH range (pH levels 0-14)
High residual stress
Resistant to cold flow
High mechanical resistance
Wide temperature range from -210°C to 260°C
Unlimited shelf life
Excellent leakage properties: Meets German fugitive emission regulation TA Luft
Compliance with FDA 177.1550 Perfluorocarbon regulation


All-purpose use in the chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, paper and food industries
Oils and greases, acids and alkalis, solvents, refrigerants, water, steam

Product Range

Novaflon® 100 (Modified PTFE with hollow glass microspheres)
Novaflon® 200 (Modified PTFE with barium sulphate)
Novaflon® 300 (Modified PTFE with silica)
Novaflon® 500 (100% multi-directional expanded PTFE)